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Amanda Orneck

I'm a journalist.

Amanda Orneck is a gaming journalist in Huntsville, Alabama and Editor-in-Chief of BA Creative Writing, USC; Middleton Fellow.

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Dhm inkshares cover article

Deus Hex Machina

Akira meets The Matrix. The Name of the Rose meets Johnny Mneumonic.

Deus Hex Machina is the story of Isidore RAM, a hacker working as a sister for the the Church of Technology and a mysterious code fragment that leads her from the GRID into the real world of a dystopic cyberpunk Orange County as she searches for the truth behind the death of her mentor. Along the way she connects with a mech riding gang leader who is more interested in selling the artifacts Isidore is looking for than studying them. Together they must answer the most important question of their lives: What is Cri-Lux?

New soto cover kdp article
Amazon Shadow of the Owl eBook: Amanda Orneck: Kindle ...

A reluctant princess. A farm girl sharing memories with her dead twin. A predestined orphan. Together they must stop the usurper or perish.

Betrayal has come to Shadowhaven, and a power mad wizard has overthrown the kingdom, bent on capturing their store of magic hidden beneath the castle. The royal guard have been sent off on a mysterious mission. Without their trusted warriors to protect them, the kingdom falls overnight. The queen is dead, and the king and princess have fled for their lives. Now only terror reigns over this once peaceful land.

But the royal guard are coming back, and there are rumors that the king and princess aren’t dead, just merely in hiding. Can the captain of the guard find the king and restore the royal family to their place? Can a princess living in secret truly rise up and grab hold of her destiny, or will she hide from who she is if it means the destruction of countless lives? How are the royal family connected to this land, and to the well of power hidden deep beneath Illuminata Castle?

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Games Radar

9 clever ways game developers thwarted piracy | GamesRadar

9 clever ways game developers thwarted piracy | Gam...

1667 mommie gamer the top five video games that promote literacy article
Game Geex

The Mommie Gamer: Four video games that promote literacy

It's time to look at what games can teach our kids, starting with reading and the love of the written word.

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Games Radar

If game characters starred in Guardians of the Galaxy | GamesRadar

If game characters starred in Guardians of the Galaxy. Amanda Orneck on August 7, 2014. 1 of 11. Advertisement. Keep going with these great galleries....

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Game Geex

GameGeex - The Lament of Sadie Brightland

GameGeex - The Lament of Sadie Brightland

Open uri20130808 18609 1tk9tbw article
Game Geex

Musings on Minecraft: What MMOs should learn from this indie Treasure

An article discussing how MMOs might learn from Mojang's block building sim.

Stringio article
Game Geex

GameGeex - The Game Geex Report: Rage is not passion

GameGeex - The Game Geex Report: Rage is not passion - A dangerous trend today in games journalism is hurting, not helping our cause.

Data article
Game Geex

A quick and dirty guide to getting your Legendary Cloak [COMPLETED]

Tips and tricks for working through the WoW Patch 5.4 content as quickly as possible on your road to legendary cloakitude.

Open uri20130808 18609 7fqfzl article
Game Geex

GameGeex - Review: Journey

GameGeex - Review: Journey - Float across the sands in Thatgamecompany's latest downloadable masterpiece.

Open uri20130808 7263 5nxkx3 article
Game Geex

The Game Geex Report: Focusing on readers to help make us better writers

A discussion on transparency and feeding the needs of readers.

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Game Geex

GameGeex - E3 2013: Trends in Gaming

GameGeex - E3 2013: Trends in Gaming - We take a look and what E3 had to offer this year, and what that might mean for future game design projects.

Open uri20130808 24484 1l2u5xk article
Game Geex

GameGeex - Review: Guild Wars 2

GameGeex - Review: Guild Wars 2 - We take a look at ArenaNet's new MMORPG. Is it everything we expected?

Open uri20130808 24484 s3kih2 article
WoW Insider

A second look at Hakkar's Corrupted Blood

Terra Nova is rethinking
the conclusions the BBC made a while back about using WoW to study the spread of diseases. If you recall the article stated that player's reactions to the spread of Hakkar's C...

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WoW Insider

A crummy idea

Magimagic posted a forum topic that concerns all mages. He suggests, that since we summon food, water and gems and have access to the "summon water elemental" spell, that we should likewise have a "su...