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Amanda Orneck

I'm a journalist.

Amanda Orneck is a gaming journalist in Huntsville, Alabama and Editor-in-Chief of BA Creative Writing, USC; Middleton Fellow.

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WoW Insider

A second look at Hakkar's Corrupted Blood

Terra Nova is rethinking
the conclusions the BBC made a while back about using WoW to study the spread of diseases. If you recall the article stated that player's reactions to the spread of Hakkar's C...

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WoW Insider

A crummy idea

Magimagic posted a forum topic that concerns all mages. He suggests, that since we summon food, water and gems and have access to the "summon water elemental" spell, that we should likewise have a "su...

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WoW Insider

Future business leaders and the MMO

I have heard tell of people putting Guild leadership on their resumes, and so I was intrigued when Elizabeth wrote about the Seriosity study applying skills learned in MMOs to leadership in the busine...

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WoW Insider

AFK a sec guys -- wife aggro

When Ryan wrote in suggesting we write about the concept of " wife aggro," a collective roar erupted over here at WoW Insider. The resulting conversation was both stimulating and more than a little si...

WoW Insider

A new class, why not a new race?

The DK is coming in WotLK , adding another class to the mix along with the concept of Hero Classes. In a forum post yesterday players voiced their desire to play new races in addition to having access...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Adventures on the PTR

It's time once again to celebrate our mageness with Arcane Brilliance , and this time we're going where I certainly have not gone before: the PTR. I finally got my character transfers to go through, a...

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WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Armor does matter, part 1

You asked for it, in comments, in emails, and now it's finally here. It's high time we sit down and talk about mages, don't you think? Matthew Porter and I will spend some time each week discussing th...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Armor does matter, part 2

Welcome back to another installment of Arcane Brilliance , an homage to the mages we are, and hopefully a place where we can learn a few things that will help us along the way towards becoming the mag...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: A slice of win cake with extra frosting

The last time we spoke , Arcane was the name of the game. Dealing with each of the types of mages is a challenge for me, seeing as how I play a blended spec myself. But more than simply talking about ...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Five magetacular mods

It's time again for Arcane Brilliance , your one-stop mage shop for all your magical caster needs. Last time we spoke about the macros mages should know and love, those little additions to your game p...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part 1

My mage was not my first character, but it was the character that I began to play and really enjoy first. Being new to the game and not understanding the importance of gear, I collected items with as ...

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WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of war, part 2

Last week's Arcane Brilliance looked at some of the shiny mage items available out in Azeroth for low level mages. We're continuing our look at the clothes at that make the mage this week, with the le...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Gears of War, part 3

As it turns out, there's a whole heap of great items out there for leveling mages. There's so very much available that sometimes it's hard to pick and choose what to look for at any given level. That'...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Get your PvP on

Arcane Brilliance
is here again, this time looking at mage PvP. When I began playing the game, PvP consisted of standing outside of Goldshire spamming the "duel" request. Sure there was world PvP, but...

WoW Insider

Arcane Brilliance: Leveling your baby mage

It's only been a few days since Patch 2.3 was released, and you are already itching to create some new alts, aren't you? Totally understandable, lots of lower level characters are getting some love no...